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Data Centre Leak Detection

Protect vital infrastructure & communications equipment with automatic leak alarm systems

Managing risk against damage and disruption is crucial for Data Centres, Communications areas, and Server Rooms, and that’s where our Leak Detection equipment can really make a difference. 

Our leak monitoring solutions offer accurate and reliable alerts to even the smallest of liquid leaks. Water ingress can go unnoticed, especially if it’s happening at a slow rate, and if left unchecked can cause considerable damage to equipment. This could lead to short-circuits, electric shocks, corrosion, and even fire. It can also affect humidity which can be harmful to server reliability and uptime. 

Our proven Data Centre Leak Detection Systems can detect at ground level as well as liquid escapes from dropped or suspended ceilings, or within drip trays located with air conditioning units.

Servicing & Maintenance 

As part of our support to data centres, we offer regular servicing and maintenance for all manufacturer systems, including ones we haven’t installed.

Our leak detection products trace:

  • Leaks from water & liquid-based cooling systems and server racks
  • Air conditioning leaks
  • Condensation from high humidity
  • Water, heating, and refrigerant pipework leaks
  • Natural underground water ingress
  • Sprinkler system & fire suppression system leaks
  • Fuel and corrosive leaks from wet-cell batteries

A Reputable & Reliable Service

Our dedicated team includes experienced engineers and project managers who work with you to deliver the right solution for your needs. We hold two ISO accreditations and only select quality products that have been thoroughly proven and researched to deliver a long-lasting Leak Detection solution. Take a look at a recent case study.

Data Centre Case Study

Diamond Controls regularly works with Data Centres to manage the installation and servicing of their Leak Detection Systems.

We were recently asked to review an existing system after regular alarm faults were being reported. We identified that the system was unsuitable and was, unfortunately, leaving the data centre at risk.

Following our comprehensive report, we were commissioned to provide a new system to the data centre. As part of our service, we prepared in-depth operations and maintenance manuals, system training, and full design drawings. We’ve subsequently been contracted to provide ongoing servicing and maintenance to the 30 data halls in the facility.

Our Leak Detecting Solutions

We select products from leading manufacturers such as TraceTek and Aquilar to deliver data centre leak detection solutions. 

This includes a range of alarm panels that can monitor single areas right through to multiple rooms and floors. They can be connected to your Building Management System (BMS) or offer stand-alone alerting to provide an audible alarm. Use in conjunction with our speech dialler to receive remote alerts by text or email for 24/7 monitoring.

Our products include high-quality sensing cable and liquid sensing probes that can detect even the smallest amounts of liquid escape, enabling you to act fast to any alerts before damage occurs. 

We offer wired and wireless Leak Detection Systems and provide a complete turnkey solution for a new installation or retro-fit application with minimal disruption to your operations.

Contact us to speak with our estimating team.