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Design Services

Utilising the expertise of our design team, estimators and project managers, we’re able to offer you a comprehensive design and specification service for Leak Detection systems and Trace Heating applications.

Our in-house design service ensures your project specification is correct and helps assist with installation. Most importantly, it’s an accurate schematic that’s included as part of your operations and maintenance manuals. Our design team creates a leak location map for every project that we work on, making sure that all building maintenance departments are completely informed of where all of our equipment has been installed as well as how it’s been wired together.

This layout is an essential addition so that if you need to make any modifications to your system, have routine servicing, or undertake building works, you know exactly where every piece of kit is located.

Trace Heating Design

Trace Heating plans are created using nVent’s innovative software package for nVent RAYCHEM products. This provides full heat loss and design calculations to demonstrate the outputs of our specification and fulfilment of your requirements.

Working on a project for an industrial or hazardous area? Our team is qualified to CompEX EX12 (Application Design Engineers Core Competence Certification) so are also able to complete plans for hazardous and industrial areas.

Our in-house design capability offers many benefits. We’re able to review the complete scope of work including an assessment of all components and accessories required and we also look at power loading calculations and distribution scenarios. This ensures your specification is right for your property and gives you an accurate template for your installers to work to.

Our Services

Our CAD facilities are part of our turnkey range of services that can be tailored to meet the needs of your project.

Planning on installing your Leak Detection or Trace Heating system yourself? Our design services, when used in conjunction with our supply and commissioning expertise, will give you peace of mind that your products are fit for their environment and installed correctly to give you a long-lasting and reliable performance.