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CIREG Water Leak Detection Systems

Managing Escape of Water Risks on Construction Sites

The number and severity of water escape incidents during building works has increased in recent years and insurance providers state that it is now the most likely cause of a loss from construction sites. The best way to prevent water damage from leaks during construction works is by installing a water leak detection system. Diamond Controls offers a range of temporary and permanent solutions for your building project.

Automatic Shut Off of Water Supply

Our water leak detection systems are Ideal for use with temporary water supplies or as a major leak detection solution in operational buildings. They monitor mains incoming supplies and shut-off the water if the pre-determined flow rate goes above normal usage parameters.

We can also provide a timed water supply management device that automatically shuts off water supplies outside of normal working hours for an affordable water leak prevention measure.

Insurance Risk

Two thirds of commercial water leaks occur outside of working hours causing significant disruption and delays as well as additional costs. With such high risks associated with water escape, most insurers will insist that you’re following CIREG best practice guidelines when planning a construction project. 

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Some of our services:

>Manage temporary water supplies

>Prevent out of hours water damage using water isolation

>Monitor flow rates and water usage with automatic shutoff for suspected leaks

>Major leak detection systems

>Update temporary leak detection systems to multi-zone permanent leak alarms for when building is occupied 

>BREEAM – equipment for Wat 03, Wat 02 Credits

CIREG Guidelines

Best practice guidelines for managing risks from escape of water.

CIREG has published a free guide that will help construction and project managers to prevent costly damage from water leaks. It focuses on the incorporation of automatic flow monitoring and shut-off devices as well as including guidance on risk assessments and production of Project Water Management Plans.

Client Feedback

We’ve been helping customers with their leak detection and trace heating for almost 20 years.

Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about their experience with Diamond Controls.