Servicing & Maintenance

Diamond Controls service and maintenance visits are conducted by our manufacturer approved specialist engineers, who are highly experienced in both installation and maintenance of leak detection, trace heating and gas detection systems. We ensure your system is operating correctly and identify any potential issues which can impact long term functionality.

As with all building systems, leak detection, trace heating and gas detection systems require regular maintenance and calibration to ensure that they are operating correctly. Alongside general wear and tear, there are a number of avoidable external factors that can affect system performance over time and impede their performance or even prevent their operation in the very moment they are required to act and protect the assets.

We have a range of additional services to ensure long term support for you and your system; keeping your business productive and efficient and your assets protected.

Our Services

>Annual Service and Maintenance Contracts
Bespoke to your system 1, 3 and 5 year options are available with varying levels of additional benefits and cost savings to keep your system in fully optimal operation.

>Fault Finding & Emergency Response Call Outs
Occasionally systems can go into alarm or fault, resulting in considerable inconvenience to the building’s occupants. We can swiftly dispatch an engineer to investigate and determine the cause of any faults. Where and when possible, they will remedy the issue while on site, supporting you with urgent repair or remedial works following an event.

>Technical Support Line
Trained engineers ready to talk your team through basic functions, step by step, to support your business after an event, in resetting or remediating a system.

>Full On-Site System Training
For you and your colleagues to allow day to day self-management of the systems in house.

>Full Audit and Condition Reports
For systems inherited from previous tenants or facilities management companies, to give you the best chance of avoiding a failure and asset damage.

>Retrospective Installation Drawings & Operation and Maintenance Manuals
can be created for most systems if a system is inherited with no information from the previous tenant or contractor.

Manufacturers Systems we regularly service:

Gas Detection Technologies
Liquid Leak Detection Systems
Raychem Certified Pro
CMR Electrical
Heat Trace
Solco Ltd

Servicing & Maintenance – Systems & Products We Regularly Support

In addition to the systems installed and serviced found on our leak, gas and industrial detection pages, here are some of the other commonly serviced systems. We have extensive experience maintaining all manufacturers equipment so, if you do not see your system listed on our website, please still contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Aqualarm STDi-24 Water Leak Detection Probe

    Aqualarm STDi-24 Water Leak Detection Probe

    Conductor water detector comprising of a detector module and the point detector, connected together via a 1m jumper cable. Used with the Aqualarm i-Zone touch system and i-Zone mini. Damaged point detectors could provide false alarm alerts or failure to alarm when needed and so regular maintenance ensures the integrity of your system.
  • AQSC Sensing Cable

    AQSC Sensing Cable

    Damaged sensing cables can compromise your leak detection system. As part of our maintenance packages, we can service your system, including all sensor cables and replace where required.
  • AquiTron AT-G-DETECT Refrigerant Gas Alarm Panel and Sensor

    AquiTron AT-G-DETECT Refrigerant Gas Alarm Panel and Sensor

    Although this is now a discontinued product, limited spares and replacement sensors are available for your maintenance needs.
  • AquiTron AT-G-SENSE Refrigerant Gas Alarm Panel

    AquiTron AT-G-SENSE Refrigerant Gas Alarm Panel

    This product was used alongside the AquiTron AT-GCS- panel and has now been replaced by the AquiTron AT-G-Alert system. Although this is now a discontinued product, limited spares are available for your maintenance needs.
  • Andel Floodline SVCP 1 Valve Control

    Andel Floodline SVCP 1 Valve Control

    Our experienced engineers can service and maintain your Andel Floodline system, and its connecting sensing cables and probes.
  • Andel Floodline Leak Detection System

    Andel Floodline Leak Detection System

    Our service and maintenance engineers can help rectify any issues with your Andel Floodline detection panel and its connecting probes and sensors. In addition, we can fully audit your detection system to ensure it is correctly configured for your needs.
  • “Diamond Controls is a very reliable company that provides a good service. They always try to accommodate even when unrealistic time scales are requested.”

    Envirotech Services Ltd.
  • “Diamond Controls who did the service for us are one of the best companies we use in regards to leak detection and such systems as we have at Rathbone Markets. They are very thorough and happy to help over the phone if required.”

    KCE FM
  • “I want to thank you for your patience on this job. As always we were put under pressure from the builders and it’s a breath of fresh air to have Diamond Controls on site.”

    Project Manager
    Sale Service & Maintenance Ltd
  • “Once again you guys did a splendid job with no fuss or bother and I look forward to receiving the drawing.”

    Consultant, Corporate Services
    20 Bank Street, Canary Wharf
  • “I would just like to say thank you for all your help and especially arranging everything in such short notice. It’s been a pleasure working with Diamond Controls. The engineers were very helpful and ensured the system was properly tested and commissioned. I was very impressed with the effort and time spent going up and down to each room especially as there were 5 floors of guestrooms.”

    M&E Project Co-Ordinator
    Vascroft Contractors
  • “I’d like to pay compliment to the level of professionalism offered by Diamond Controls on this project. The training and commissioning process and packages provided were all top dollar.”

    Mechanical Project Manager
    Mechanical Services Ltd
  • “Thank you for the report and the work the team did on Saturday. Really nice work and thanks for also running the BTI cable in situ with your cable, very much appreciated.”

    Maintenance Manager
    Glencore UK Ltd

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