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Frost Protection Trace Heating

Protecting your assets during the harsh winter weather.

Trace heating cables prevent water in pipes, pumps and other equipment from freezing.

Our self-regulating cables provide heat without the risk of over-heating. Combine these with adequate insulation and it can be used on water pipes, water pumps, sprinkler systems, fuel oil lines and much more to maintain liquid temperatures. This ensures pipes, vessels and other equipment do not freeze, costing you valuable time and causing potential health risks.

Using low-wattage power that’s energy-efficient and self-regulated to ensure it doesn’t overheat, Trace Heating is a reliable and economic solution suitable for frost protection in commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Trace Heating Supplies

Looking to buy Frost Protection Trace Heating Supplies online?

We now offer a supply and distribution service via our website

As an authorised distributor of nVent RAYCHEM we only use thoroughly tested high-quality products that can deliver long-lasting performance. 

We specify the most suitable solution for your requirements and have experienced estimators and installers that provide a comprehensive supply, installation and commissioning service. 

Our service includes the specification, drawings and operations manuals for accurate, dependable pipe frost protection.  

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Our Products

We offer a wide range of Trace Heating products including:

> Self-regulating Trace Heating Cable

> Constant Wattage Trace Heating Cable

> Frost Protection Trace Heating Pre-made Kits

> Control Panels 

> Thermostats, Components & Accessories

Frost Protection Products

Case Study

Commercial & Residential properties in Marble Arch, London

Diamond Controls worked alongside a thermal insulation contractor for this project which involved the delivery of frost protection Trace Heating on a roof-top cold water service. 

The project involved working on a tight turnaround to ensure required timescales were met. We prepared the design proposal and quote, submitted the required RAMS and liaised with both the mechanical project engineer and thermal insulation project manager, attending the property to fully assess requirements.

nVent RAYCHEM XL Trace self-regulating Trace Heating cable

nVent RAYCHEM XL Trace self-regulating Trace Heating cable

Specification & Commissioning

Our highly trained and experienced Trace Heating installers specified Raychem XL self-regulating trace cable (10XL2-ZH) for this requirement. Fitted on the exposed cold water feed pipework to the roof mounted Ai Source Heat Pumps (ASHP), this ensured that all exposed pipework is not at risk of freezing in colder temperatures. 

Developed specifically for use within commercial and residential buildings, XL-Trace’s Low Smoke Zero Halogen materials ensure it is the safest solution for modern building design.

It requires very little maintenance, except for an annual service check to ensure it’s fully working as it should, so is ideal for this application. 

Case Study

Industrial ATEX zoned Trace Heating for cold water supply

Diamond Controls were called into an Agrochemical Processing Facility after upgrades were made to their Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP). This generates electrical power and heat for use on site in a more cost effective way than buying electricity off the grid.

We were commissioned to carry out a condition survey on the existing Trace Heating Systems including cables and control panel and provide a proposal for any remedial works required.  As well as the existing installation, a completely new circuit was required to protect the main water supply to the building from frost and freezing weather conditions. This was critical as the water supply was required to feed the safety showers on the CHP plant.

Combined heat and power plant Trace Heating - Diamond Controls

Specification – ATEX Zones

Although much of the Trace Heating was within safe areas, where standard Raychem XL trace (10XL2-ZH) self-regulating cables were able to be installed, there were some sections of Trace Heating that were required to pass through ATEX zoned locations.

To ensure complete compliance in these areas we specified Raychem ATEX certified trace heating cables (3BTV2-CT self-regulating heater cable) and associated ATEX certified components.

Our CompEx qualified designers were able to provide a comprehensive design for the system complying to BS EN 60079-14:2014 (Explosive atmospheres. Electrical installations design, selection and erection). The resulting installation will ensure critical services are fully protected against frost and freezing, ensuring a safe working environment and reliability of essential utilities.

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