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Hot Water System Trace Heating

Energy-efficient instant hot water.

Hot Water System (HWS) Trace Heating is becoming an increasingly common requirement for commercial properties as it has great economic benefits and negates the need for traditional recirculating systems. It keeps hot water at the correct temperature within water distribution pipeworks and is highly efficient, reducing water consumption and power for optimum use of hot water systems.

Hot Water Temperature Maintenance systems (HWAT) require very little upkeep and are extremely cost-effective to install.

Trace Heating Supplies

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Why should you install a Hot Water Temperature Maintenance System?

HWAT Trace Heating is an effective solution to common issues with commercial pipework including: 

> Efficiency – Pipework that is long and complex is highly energy inefficient without temperature maintenance

> Water conservation – A lot of water is wasted waiting for the desired water temperature

> Hygiene – It is harder to decontaminate and prevent Legionella in long and ramified pipe systems

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Complete turnkey service

As an authorised distributor of nVent RAYCHEM, a leading supplier of Trace Heating, Diamond Controls offers a complete turnkey service that includes the specification, supply, installation and commissioning of this specialist electric heating technology.

HWAT Products

A single pipe system 

Using proven Raychem Trace Heating products, our hot water system Trace Heating does not require return pipes, valves or pumps to operate. Self-regulating heat trace cables are used with a Raychem HWAT-Eco control unit for a simple and efficient operating system. 

Hot water maintenance installation Trace Heating

An efficient solution

The conventional method of hot water distribution throughout a building is a flow and return system of re-circulated hot water and these have significant heat losses, especially in larger pipework. A Raychem hot water temperature maintenance system offers substantial benefits including the comfort of instant hot water and reduced energy consumption.  

It’s engineered for direct application on hot water pipes with minimal space and requires very little maintenance for a long-lasting and effective control of hot water temperatures.

An energy efficient control and monitoring unit for nVent RAYCHEM HWAT self-regulating single pipe hot water systems.


An energy efficient control and monitoring unit for nVent RAYCHEM HWAT self-regulating single pipe hot water systems.

HWAT Trace Heating features include:

> Varying temperature levels, maintain or economy temperature

> Thermal Legionella prevention programmes

> Compatible with BMS 

> Fast programming across networked control units

> Multiple building-specific programs

> Alarm relay for remote monitoring

Reduce power consumption

Implementing HWAT controlled services can have an energy saving of up to 50% and a notable reduction on the total energy used in a building. 

By using a single pipe system, compensation for heat loss is only needed for the feed pipe and there is no power required for circulation pumps. As a result of no cold water coming into the boiler, the heat-up process is much more efficient. 

Our Raychem HWAT-Eco control unit will work to the specification of the hot water system and limit the output of the self-regulating heating cables. This is particularly effective when used with time functions and the boiler thermostat, ensuring that the heat trace system is used only for temperature maintenance.  

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