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Roof & Gutter Heating

Snow and ice melting systems to prevent damage to roofs and guttering.

Winter weather can create damage and disruption, especially on the roofs of commercial properties. Roof and gutter de-icing heating cables are specifically designed to prevent the build-up of snow and ice, avoiding the risks of ice dams and blockages caused by freezing weather conditions.

The self-regulating trace heating cabling is discreetly positioned without interfering with the aesthetics of your building. As the temperature falls, power output increases, heating the area to ensure free flowing melted water through gutters and downspouts, and preventing heavy snow build-up on roofs. 

Trace Heating Supplies

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Roof & Gutter Deicing – How it Works


A Reliable & Flexible Ice Melting Solution

As an authorised distributor of nVent RAYCHEM products, we specify IceStop self-regulating heating cable as it’s a long-lasting and reliable solution for roof and gutter heating. 

This market leading product is self-regulating so it only uses power when the temperature falls below the range selected and it’s made using proven hardy components to withstand extreme weather conditions. There’s a 10-year guarantee but we expect it to last for many years longer and requires very little maintenance. 

Our comprehensive service includes the full design, supply, installation and commissioning of your roof heating system. 

What types of roof are suitable for roof & gutter de-icing systems?

De-icing systems are an effective way to protect your building’s integrity. Self regulating heating cables eliminate hot spots to provide an accurate and long-lasting temperature control that’s highly energy efficient.

Our roof and gutter heating can be installed on almost all type of materials including:

> Roofs made from standard construction materials including shake, shingle, rubber, tar, wood, metal, and plastic.

> Gutters made from standard materials, including metal, plastic, and wood.

> Downspouts made from standard materials, including metal and plastic.

Deicing Products

Case Study

Roof & Gutter Heating on a Lead Roof

Diamond Controls was commissioned to provide a custom-designed rooftop de-icing system for the roof of a prestigious building in Oxford. 

We coordinated with the main contractor and architect to specify the nVent Raychem self-monitoring Trace Heating System. 

The IceStop product is self regulating and so will automatically heat the roof when required to prevent any potentially damaging build-up of snow and ice. This means that no matter the weather, the roof top will drain effectively and downpipes will continue to function. 

Roof and Gutter de-icing system from nVent Raychem

Roof and Gutter de-icing system from nVent Raychem

A Bespoke Solution

A key requirement of the brief was to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible and in keeping with the lead roof and historical nature of the building. Our solution was to source bespoke lead tags to secure all cabling and hardware for a discreet installation, delivering a long-term effective result. 

Our project managers and estimators use specialist design software to calculate the exact lengths and positioning of heat trace cabling to ensure a consistent performance across the whole roof. The system was then fully tested and commissioned so it’s vital mechanisms are ready to be called into action when adverse weather strikes.

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