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As specialists in Leak Detection and Trace Heating we’re here to help you get the most from your system. Here’s just some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Leak Detection Systems

Q. Why should I install a Leak Detection System?
A. A properly designed, installed and commissioned Leak Detection system can give an early warning to any water, oil or refrigerant gas leak. Leaks of this nature can cause large financial losses from loss of data or loss of working time, damage to property, and in the event of a refrigerant gas leak, a threat to life.  Diamond Controls provides systems that will detect a leak, alert the building user, send a warning text message and/or email and also shut off a water supply to prevent further damage, helping you to identify and rectify the problem much more quickly. Take a look at our Leak Detection services.

Q. What do I need to do before my Leak Detection system is installed?
A. Power supplies and containment (primary and secondary) should be installed ready for our engineers’ attendance. If TT1000 sensing cable is being installed, the installation areas need to be thoroughly cleaned of any builders’ dust, dirt and debris. Information that can be provided at the point of order, such as site contact details, delivery information, cable routes and CAD DWG files, is extremely useful to our operations department.

Q. Can a Leak Detection system be modified or extended?
A. In simple terms, yes. There are many different systems that can be modified or extended in a multitude of ways. We will take into account the new requirements and the existing system before making a proposal that suits the end user’s needs. Contact us to find out more.

Q. Do you offer a wireless Leak Detection system?
A. Yes. A wireless system can be very beneficial for retrospective installation where you may not want to undertake intrusive renovation work. Find out more about this type of system and its benefits by reading about a recent wireless project.

Q. What’s the difference between a Digital and Zonal Leak Detection System?
A. Both systems achieve the same thing – they alert an occupier of a potential leak.

A Zonal System will assign a particular area to a zone (max 8 zones per panel). Any zone (area) in leak will be shown by a LED alarm on the panel. A supplied reference map mounted next to the panel will show which zone applies to which area. i.e.: Zone 1: Showers, Zone 2: Kitchen so on and so forth. A Zonal System can be integrated to BMS, typically via use of a relay contact (NO or NC).

A Digital System has the added benefit of a screen that will display a leak in meterage. A supplied reference map mounted next to the panel will show which meter mark applies to which area. i.e.: 60m: Showers, 95m: Kitchen so on and so forth. A Digital System can be integrated to BMS, via Modbus for full integration. A Modbus map will be supplied for programming.

Our service includes the specification of both Zonal and Digital Leak Detection Systems. As part of our specification process, we will identify which system is best suited to your needs. Contact us to request a free no obligation quotation.

Q. My Leak Detection system activated on a leak, but the water supply did not shut off. Why?
A. Solenoid shut off valves that are not connected to a BMS system with an exercise schedule in place, must be manually activated regularly to ensure they remain free from build-up and deposits from within the water system. For example, some locations such as Chelsea, have a very high metal content in their potable water supply.  We can support you by advising how to exercise the valve, or to test it for blockages, via our technical support helpdesk.

Q. My Leak Detection System is in alarm mode, but I can’t see any puddles of water. It will not reset when I press the rest button. Is it faulty?
A. Your Leak Detection System is very sensitive to the presence of water. As the system works on the conduction of low electrical currents, a single drop of water can create an alarm. This isn’t always possible to see, especially if some of the detection cable is not fully visible.

We would advise that every area where detection cable is installed is checked for a leak before calling us. Often, when we are called out to investigate what is reported to be a fault with the cable, a leak is found to be the cause of the panel not being able to be reset.

Trace Heating Systems

Q. What is Trace Heating and how does it work?
A. Electric heat tracing, heat tape or surface heating as it is also known, is a system used to maintain the temperature of pipes and vessels using heat tracing cables. Trace Heating is an electrical heating element run in contact along the length of a pipe/outside of a vessel.

Trace Heating cables are significantly more intelligent than standard heating cables. They are created by placing a semi conductive self-regulating heating matrix around two bus wires, one live and one neutral. When power is connected to these bus wires the matrix receives either 110V or 230V, causing it to heat up. Each matrix contains specialist compounds that change their resistance depending on their temperature, which leads to the power output of the heating element falling as the cable gets warmer. This means that the cables can cross each other with no risk of overheating. Find out more about our Trace Heating expertise.

Not sure where to start? We offer a full design, install and supply service and have many years of experience so contact us today to find out more.

Q. Can my Trace Heating System be extended or modified?
A. In short, yes it can! Trace Heating can be modified or extended in a variety of ways, from extending it to new pipework or shortening it to accommodate changes on site. There are considerations to be made when modifying systems, which depend on the application and manufacturer. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options today. We can advise you if the changes are viable and even organise to come to site and have a look at the project firsthand.

Self-Install / Third Party Installation

Q. Can we use our own engineers to install the system?
A. Yes. We offer a turnkey operation and cover the whole process but are equally happy to work with your in-house electrical contractors, offering support and advice, design, specification, operational maintenance and commissioning after install.

This collaborative approach means you’ll have peace of mind that our expertise has been guiding the project and specialist care has been given to the finer details such as CAD leak location maps. We’re with you every step of the way including the final commissioning, helping you to maintain quality and compliance and validating your manufacturer’s warranty.

We also provide ongoing servicing and maintenance to ensure your system remains fit for your needs.

Q. Will you help with the design of a system?
A. Yes, that’s all part of our service. Our skilled project managers and engineers can take you through step-by-step the design and specification of the system we recommend for your premises.

Q. What products do you sell?
A. We offer a wide range of products for Leak Detection and Trace Heating from leading specialist manufacturers such as Aquilar, AquiTron, TraceTek, nVent Raychem and Medem. Our focus is on quality, reliability and performance and so we only specify products that have been thoroughly researched and proven. 

You can also buy a wide range of our products online via 


Q. What warranties are available?
A. We’re extremely proud to offer our customers a 5-year installation warranty. We’re so confident about our skills, equipment selection, and our design and installation expertise, we want to offer our customers peace of mind with a warranty that far extends the manufacturer’s warranty. For certain Trace Heating products we are pleased to be able to extend this to a 10-year warranty.

Q. How do I register a system commissioned by our contractor?
A. You may have just taken up a lease or occupancy of a premises which has systems installed by Diamond Controls, but you were not the commissioning business. To benefit from our installation 5-year warranty and to take advantage of our servicing and maintenance contracts, you first need to make sure your system is registered with us. This is a simple process that can be completed by submitting a short application.

Servicing & Maintenance

Q. What options do you offer?
A. Our servicing and maintenance department will work directly with you to provide a wide range of after-sales services including:

  • Annual servicing & maintenance contracts. Choose either a Diamond or Gold package and you’ll have the added benefits of inclusive fault-finding visits, discounted materials and technical service helpdesk.
  • Fault finding and emergency responses call-outs
  • Technical support line
  • Full on-site system training
  • Full audit & condition reports
  • Retrospective Installation Drawings & Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Find out more about our Servicing & Maintenance.

Q. Why should I have my leak detection system serviced?
A. Our engineers thoroughly test the system to ensure it is working correctly, including any solenoid valves that may also be installed. Potential issues are highlighted so these can be rectified before the functionality of the system is affected, ensuring your system works in event of a leak. We recommend that an annual service is conducted for water Leak Detection systems, and biannual services conducted for refrigerant Leak Detection systems.

Q. When should I have my Frost Protection / Ramp Heating / Gutter Heating system serviced?
A. We would recommend that any frost protection system (pipework/ramps/roofs and gutters) is checked before they are called into action in the winter. Finding out that there is a problem once the harsh weather arrives, is the worst time to discover the system does not operate. Ideally, a service visit should be arranged by early Autumn.  If a problem is identified during the service, this will then give sufficient time to plan for any required remedial works to be carried out.

Q. Can you service and repair a system Diamond Controls didn’t install?
A. Yes. We provide maintenance for an extensive range of Leak Detection and Trace Heating Systems and can conduct any remedial works required. View some of the manufacturers we regularly work with on our Servicing & Maintenance page. Contact us to see how we can help you.

The Company

Q. Who is Diamond Controls?
A. We are specialists in commercial and industrial Leak Detection and Trace Heating systems, products and servicing. We’ve been established since 2003 and are proud to hold many accreditations, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Read more about us and meet the team. The Diamond Controls Group includes Trace Heating Supplies and Diamond Services (EA) Ltd.

Q. What is your address?
A. Diamond Controls’ main office is based:

Unit 5 Baines Way, Bowthorpe, Norwich NR5 9JR
You can contact us by email:
Or by telephone 0203 876 5940

Q. Who do we speak to?
A. We have a dedicated team of project managers, engineers and support staff who can help you. Meet the team to understand our individual areas of expertise or chat with us.

Q. What services do you offer? 
A. We specialise in Leak Detection Systems and Trace Heating applications. We provide a specification, design, installation and commissioning service. You can also buy some of our products online via our website

Q. How do I get proof of your accreditations/policies and insurance documents?
A: We have a restricted client login area where you can access all of our official documentation. Request your personal login details.

Q. How do I get a Client Log In?
A. Request login details from A member of the team will set you up on our system and you’ll have access to our resources.

Q. Who are your customers?
A. We work with commercial and industrial based businesses across many different industries. Take a look at some of the sectors we regularly work with under our projects and clients.

Q. Do you have any vacancies?
A. We’re a growing company and are always on the look-out for skilled engineers who want to join our team. Take a look at our careers page to view our current vacancies and drop us an email with your C.V. so we can discuss opportunities further with you.