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Leak Detection

Water, oil, chemical, and refrigerant gas leaks can result in the destruction of property, assets and considerable injury to occupants. Leak detection systems identify the location of a leak, enabling you to react before any damage occurs. Incorporating TraceTek, AquiTron and AquiNet technology with the design and installation experience and expertise of our team, we provide comprehensive turnkey leak detection system solutions.

Bespoke drip tray design and installation, instant alerts to key team members via email, text and the Building Management System (BMS), isolation of water via shut-off valves in event of a leak and other key features are available to ensure that your system delivers the highest standard of protection.

Commercial and Public Buildings

Standard applications include water leak monitoring for Tea Points, Data Rooms and WCs, refrigerant gas leak monitoring for air conditioning units and oil leak monitoring for Plant Rooms. We provide solutions to meet all requirements, regardless of the project scale or installation complexity.


A leak detection system installation within someone’s home involves unique factors that can easily be overlooked.  We have worked in numerous residences throughout London and the UK installing zonal and digital water and refrigerant gas leak detection systems for both resident and landlord monitoring.

Data Centres

Water, oil and refrigerant gas leaks need to be rectified immediately within Data Centres to prevent any disruption to server operation. We provide TraceTek digital pinpoint system solutions which can pinpoint the exact location of a leak, enabling you to respond before operations are affected.

Scientific Facilities

There are various elements requiring leak detection monitoring within a typical laboratory; refrigerant gas, acids, chemicals, fuel oil, and water. Installing systems within these sensitive environments can be complex as it is essential that experiments are not disrupted.

We’ve successfully completed installations in scientific facilities across the UK by working closely with our clients to understand and overcome the challenges involved.

BREEAM Major Leak Detection and PIR Systems

We supply AquiTron Major Leak Detection systems and PIR Automatic Water Shut-Off systems to help obtain BREEAM credits within the assessment Wat 03 Water Leak Detection and Prevention.

Major Leak Detection systems monitor the volume of water used and isolate the mains water supply if the volume exceeds the preset limit, helping you prevent major damage and expense caused by large water leaks.

PIR Shut-off systems automatically isolate the water supply when the WC is not occupied enabling water wastage and the risk of leaks to be dramatically reduced.

While we do not provide installation of these systems, we can conduct commissioning following the installation. This ensures that the systems are functioning correctly and that the major leak detection systems are setup according to the site requirements.

Diamond Controls and Building Information Modelling

The Leak Detection system element of a project is incorporated into the Mechanical Package of works; mechanical contractors will already have their own BIM personnel deployed.  We have a drafting team who can assist with your requirements.

While Diamond Controls does not offer BIM Coordination or Management Services, our team is fully trained in BIM Level 2 Standards. We will ensure you are provided with all the BIM components you need to successfully deliver your project, regardless of the scale.

Please contact us to discuss your leak detection system requirements; we’re here to make your project a success.

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