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Industrial Trace Heating & Leak Detection

From simple, single circuit frost protection systems, to a complete manufacturing process plant with advanced control and monitoring (where we really like to show off our capability), Diamond Controls is able to offer complete heat management systems and leak detection solutions that match the diverse requirements of a vast range of industries.

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Our experience and portfolio in this field is second to none and in 2013 Diamond Controls acquired and incorporated Astec UK Ltd into its operations, a specialist trace heating business in the industrial sector with over 25 years of expertise behind it. We’re also very proud to hold two ISO accreditations.

nVent Raychem authorised distributor
Trace Heating Supplies

Industrial Trace Heating

We know how business critical an effective and reliable Trace Heating System is for our clients. As an authorised distributor for nVent RAYCHEM, part of the world’s leading Trace Heating brand, our clients can be assured that the system solutions we offer will work seamlessly.


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Industrial Leak Detection

Diamond Controls provides a complete solution for industrial leak detection. We work closely with you to design the ideal leak detection system for your needs, taking into consideration all safety precautions. We work with industry-leading suppliers and as always, all of our industrial leak detection solutions come with our outstanding 5-year warranty.

Full Turnkey Package Solutions

A trace heating system application will require a sequence of carefully managed processes to get from the original customer’s requirement to a fully commissioned system. We are able to utilise our vast expertise and experience to guide our valued clients through these processes to deliver a safe, efficient and reliable system. Our process is documented within ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and is available for inspection.

Safety First

As part of Diamond Controls commitment to safety, when installing trace heating in hazardous areas, as defined by the HSE (areas where there is potential for dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres), equipment needs to be selected carefully and systems designed within the constraints of these areas.

Our trace heating system designs for hazardous areas are carried out by highly skilled designers. Used in conjunction with nVent RAYCHEM’s design software package, we are able to provide full heat loss and design calculations that demonstrate to our valued clients that their specifications have been interpreted correctly. Our experienced engineers are on hand to provide technical support, training and commissioning when required. 

Industrial, Oil & Fuel Leak Detection & Trace Heating Products

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Process Temperature

Industrial trace heating application

Our proven track record in total heat management systems approach gives our clients the confidence that we can deliver the required solution. A well designed trace heating temperature maintenance system will maintain a fluid at the client’s required specific temperature – or range of temperatures – either within a pipeline or a vessel, using the correctly applied cable heating technology, controls and components.

There are a massive range of industries and manufacturers that utilise the advantages of electric trace heating systems; from food and beverage processing, agro chemicals, pharmaceutical, petro-chemical and many other manufacturing processes.  These all require process lines and storage vessels to be kept at a specific temperature and in many cases, within hazardous areas.

Many manufactured liquid products require a method of maintaining temperatures in order that it can be transported from one point to another within a plant, or prevented from degrading or solidifying as the temperature drops from heat loss through the thermal insulation. Correctly maintained pipeline and vessel temperatures can also assist in making processes more efficient and prevent additional wear and tear on pumps and prevent blocked filters when the viscosity of a product is maintained at the correct level.

Frost Protection

Process temperature Maintenance

When water freezes in pipework, in the least, it is inconvenient and can prevent systems from working, but when this happens in a situation that is critical to the operation of a process, this can cause downtime and expensive delays. In a more disruptive scenario, freezing water can cause pipework and fittings to break, causing costly water damage to machinery and equipment.

Even more seriously a frozen water pipe to a safety shower could seriously jeopardise the safety of site personnel in the event of exposure to hazardous chemicals. Frost protection is the most common application for trace heating. A trace heating cable replaces the energy lost through the insulation to maintain the pipe or vessel fluid temperature above the freezing point of the liquid, but each application has different considerations and restrictions.

Our installations take into account these factors and are delivered to the client as a low maintenance, reliable system. Our complete heat management system approach incorporates frost protection trace heating cables with varying technologies, control systems and components and accessories that are appropriate to the location where they are needed.

Industrial Leak Detection
for Liquid Hydrocarbons
and Chemicals


Safety is paramount for any facility involved in the handling and distribution of petrochemicals. The consequences of an undetected leak can be devastating to the environment and local populous, resulting in costly clean-up operations to resolve the damage. Our CompEx qualified design team can provide a safe and reliable leak detection solution that is suitable for use in hazardous environments.

TraceTek Liquid Hydrocarbon leak detection systems monitor leaks that are too small to be detected by SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) leak detection systems, enabling action to be taken before any major environmental damage occurs.

There are a number of applications that benefit from having this level of monitoring,
especially as our equipment can detect and pin point the exact location of a leak:

>Detection around pumps and sumps
>Above and below ground pipelines
>Transfer pipelines
>Rainwater outfall chambers
>Storage tanks

Many liquid chemicals can also be detected:

>Jet Fuel
>Crude Oil
>Diluted Bitumen
>Gas Condensates
>Alcohol: Ethanol, Methanol, Isopropanol
>Aqueous Chemicals:
Nitric, Sulphuric, Hydrofluoric Acids

Let us help you keep your business safe. For more information about our design services and selected range of nVENT RAYCHEM and Trace Tek products or to discuss your monitoring requirements, please get in touch with the team who will be only too pleased to hear from you.