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Process Temperature Maintenance 

Maintaining liquid temperatures during manufacturing processes.

Trace Heating is an accurate and reliable way to maintain the temperature of liquids – a critical part of manufacturing operations. 

Suitable for pipework, vessels and tanks, a Trace Heating System can prevent process issues relating to condensation, crystallisation or fluid viscosity. This highly effective and energy-efficient heat management system will help to avoid production downtime and machinery maintenance, keeping operations running smoothly. 

Our highly experienced engineers and project managers offer a comprehensive service from design and specification right through to installation and commissioning. 

Trace Heating Supplies

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How does Trace Heating For Process Temperature Maintenance work?

Where fluids are expected to be stagnant or slow flowing in low ambient temperatures, it’s essential that pipes, tanks and vessels are temperature controlled to allow for efficient running of process plant equipment. Without this vital control, pumps and sumps can get damaged leading to increased downtime and repair costs.   

Electric trace heating tapes are used with thermal insulation to provide a constant heat source with minimal heat loss, creating an effective turnkey heat management solution. Liquids can be kept at precise temperatures with thermostatic control panels and state-of-the-art integrated systems that can provide early warnings for preventative maintenance measures.

Typical applications:

> Fuel oil, asphalt, sulphur, waxes, hydraulics

> Caustic soda, acids, polymers, sensitive chemicals

> Vegetable oils, biodiesel, fat, syrup, chocolate

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Diamond Controls is an authorised distributor for nVent RAYCHEM, the market-leading manufacturer of Trace Heating products.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of Trace Heating products specifically designed for temperature maintenance, working in industries such as food processing factories, manufacturing, chemical industries, oil refineries and power stations. Our products include:

> ATEX compliant Trace Heating
> Constant wattage Trace Heating cable
> Self regulating Trace Heating cable
> Up to 650°F maintain and 1000°F exposure temperatures
> Trace Heating pre-made kits
> Control panels 
> Thermostats, components and accessories

Case Study

Temperature Maintenace for Fabricated Tanks 

Our electrical engineers were on hand to offer industrial trace heating expertise and installation for two large tanks planned to be used by a chemical manufacturer in the storage of solvents.

Trace Heating for a Chemical Storage Tank

Trace Heating for a Chemical Storage Tank

ATEX Zone 

The Trace Heating System was specifically designed for use in an ATEX zoned area due to the nature of the business. Our fully trained CompEx engineers were on hand to ensure a reliable and stable total heat management solution.

Trace Heating cabling from nVent RAYCHEM was fitted around the entire circumference of the tank and insulated so that there is consistent heating of the fluids. 

Installation took place at the fabricators so that when the tanks were delivered to their final home, they were able to be put into use as soon as they arrive with no downtime and increased efficiency right from the very start. 

Case Study

New Tank Farm for Leading Plant

Diamond Controls was called in to assist a chemical plant following the development of a new tank farm to manufacture a brand-new product. Tanks were fitted with interconnecting pipes and process lines so Trace Heating was required to control temperatures of fluids passing through. 

nVent RAYCHEM QTVR Trace Heating Cable

nVent RAYCHEM QTVR Trace Heating Cable

Part of the specification was for a storage vessel that would have to maintain 70°C within in a minimum ambient of -20°C, with the added requisite it be in an Eex’e’ Zone 1 T4 Hazardous location.

We utilised nVent RAYCHEM’s 15QTVR2-CT Self-regulating cable along with accessories such as and E-100-L-E lit end seals to complete the project. The fluoropolymer outer jacket (-CT) provides high chemical resistance against aggressive organics and corrosive and so was the ideal choice for this environment.

Our Compex Qualified Estimators designed a system in line with BS-EN60079 and brought together a system which suited the requirements. 

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