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We offer a full range of gas detection solutions for any requirement you may have. Because we are independent, we will select the correct kit for the best design, not just from one limited range.  With us, all options are on the table; for a basic application with a limited budget we can provide a compliant and effective system or, bespoke for a high-end solution protecting critical processes in hazardous areas.

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From a single channel gas detection panel, through to a fully addressable multi-channel system covering multiple gases, we can provide you with a solution.

Throughout industry and commerce, there are a great number of businesses that use or produce gases as part of their everyday process.  Despite stringent safety measures in these operations and processes, there exists the possibility that some of these gases may escape into the working environment.  To ensure that operators, the plant, and the environment are not put at any unnecessary risk, the right gas detection system is essential to provide the earliest possible warning of a gas leak.

Here are just some of the areas for which we offer protection solutions:

>Boiler Rooms >Laboratories / Clean Rooms

>Commercial Kitchens >Car Parks >Battery Stores

>Battery Charging Rooms >Food Processing >Agricultural Buildings

>Hotels >Offices >Brewing >Residential >Water Treatment

>Chemical Processing >Swimming Pools >Hospitals

To view the full list of the gases we monitor,
please download our Monitorable Gas Substance document (PDF, 293Kb)

Gas Detection Products

View some of our more commonly installed gas detection products. For further information please contact us.

  • Medem SafeAir CM Gas Detector Panel

    Medem SafeAir CM Gas Detector Panel

    A gas detection panel for ventilation interlocking and gas pressure proving in a commercial kitchen. It is designed for use within commercial kitchens, to aid sites in meeting BS6173:2009 and IGEM/UP19. It can also monitor for air quality when accompanied by a carbon dioxide monitor.
  • Medem AGDS-V Gas Detection System

    Medem AGDS-V Gas Detection System

    A four channel gas detection system designed for use in boiler houses, plant rooms and areas with a risk of gas escape or build up. A high alarm from a sensor will isolate any connected solenoid valve. Remote emergency stop buttons and thermal links can be monitored and a fire alarm input will close the gas valve when activated. Relays can be used to activate a beacon/sounder, a fan or signal to a BMS system.
  • GfG GMA 200-MW Gas Controller Panel and CC22 Transmitter

    GfG GMA 200-MW Gas Controller Panel and CC22 Transmitter

    Integrated audible and LED alarm system for combustible, O2 and toxic gas monitoring and alerts. Programmable relays with up to 16 transmitters per controller. CC22 transmitter measures combustible gases using the proven heat tone principle. High performance electronics and long service life sensors for highly reliable performance with temperature compensation.
  • Medem AD-MED-M Methane Gas Detector

    Medem AD-MED-M Methane Gas Detector

    Installed at a high level as methane gas is lighter than air and set to pre-alarm rate of 5% LEL and high alarm of 10% LEL.
  • Medem AD-SAF-CO2 Carbon Dioxide Detector

    Medem AD-SAF-CO2 Carbon Dioxide Detector

    Used to monitor the air quality within an area to ensure adequate ventilation. Alarm levels are dependent on application and set within control panels.
  • Aquilar AquiTron Gas Alert ATG Alert Alarm

    Aquilar AquiTron Gas Alert ATG Alert Alarm

    Refrigerant gas leak detector for occupied spaces. To ensure occupant safety and help protect the Environment. Installation can aid BREEAM credits Pol 01 and Pol 02 , EN378 and F-Gas.
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