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BREEAM Credits

BREEAM water Leak and refrigerant leak detection

Achieve Water and Pollution BREEAM credits as part of your building environmental assessment. 

Whether you’re working on a new building construction or in charge of a refurbishment, you’ll want to ensure that your commercial property has the right BREEAM credentials to minimise and protect the environmental impact on your surroundings. Our BREEAM accredited technology can also help to reduce your running costs and achieve long-term solutions to improve working and living conditions.

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is an internationally renowned assessment method for evaluating the sustainability of buildings. It’s used across the world for new construction projects, in-use properties and building refurbishments.

Using standards developed by BRE, properties can receive certification for their environmental, social and economic sustainability. This positively recognises low environmental impact buildings and can also inspire innovation that will help lower utilities costs and improve working environments.

BRE is an innovative group of researchers, scientists, engineers and technicians who share a common goal – to make the built environment better for all.

How Diamond Controls can help improve your BREEAM credentials

There are two areas we can help you achieve credits towards your BREEAM assessment – BREEAM water leak detection (Wat 03) and the impact of refrigerants (Pol 1). 

Our skilled engineers, project managers and estimators provide a complete turnkey service from specification and design, right through to installation and commissioning. We hold two ISO accreditations, as well as a raft of industry certifications, and pride ourselves on our attention to detail, comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals, servicing and technical support. Take a look at our process.

Using leading manufacturers, our product selection is thoroughly tested to ensure a reliable long-lasting solution.

Major water leak detection and prevention – Wat 03

 The aim of BREEAM Wat 03 is to reduce the impact of major water leaks that may otherwise go undetected.

Our BREEAM accredited water leak detection products fulfil this criteria by detecting a major water leak on the mains water supply within a building and between the building and utilities water meter. Your water supply can be automatically shut-off to prevent extensive water damage when a major leak is detected.

Pollution – Pol 1

Choose our refrigerant gas detection system for areas such as your building’s chiller plant room, computer rooms and offices, refrigerant pipework risers and internal air conditioned areas to conform to BREEAM Pol 1 which requires a permanent automated refrigerant leak detection system to be installed.

Aquilar AquiTron AT-WM Pulse Water Leak Detection System
Aquilar AquiTron AT-WM Pulse Water Leak Detection System

Water Leak Detection

BREEAM WAT 03 – Water Leak Detection & Prevention

Undetected water leaks can cause detrimental damage to buildings and be very costly to an organisation and the environment. To ensure major water leaks are detected swiftly, we specify the Aquilar AquiTron AT-WM pulse water meter. This has been specifically designed to monitor water flow, automatically isolating the mains water pipe to minimise water wastage and leak damage if it exceeds a pre-determined level. 

Aquilar AquiTron AT-PIR-SOV controller, PIR sensor and water solenoid valve system.
Aquilar AquiTron AT-PIR-SOV controller, PIR sensor and water solenoid valve system.

Water Leak Detection

BREEAM WAT 03 – Water Leak Prevention

One of the most common areas to experience water leaks is washrooms and WCs. To conform to the requirements of BREEAM WAT 03 we use Aquilar AquiTron AT-PIR-SOV to prevent water leaks from occurring when systems are not in use. 

This system includes a controller, PIR sensor and water solenoid valve to isolate the water supply to WCs. This flow control device minimises undetected leaks from sanitaryware and pipes. It can help to avoid water wastage and reduce the risk of flooding.

Aquilar AquiTron AT-G-Alert Gas Detection System
Aquilar AquiTron AT-G-Alert Gas Detection System

Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

BREEAM Pol 1  – Impact of Refrigerant

It is essential that suitable leak monitoring equipment is installed in all areas of the building where refrigerants are in use to provide early alarm of leakage – helping to protect the environment and occupants from escaped gas emissions.

We specify the Aquilar AquiTron AT-G-ALERT and AT-RLM2 refrigerant gas leak detectors. Conforming to BREEAM 2018.01 requirements, these market-leading products use single and multi-point sensors to continually monitor the atmosphere in the vicinity of refrigeration equipment. 

Why Choose Diamond Controls?

We manage the whole process for you
We manage the whole process for you
Dedicated customer service & technical support
Dedicated customer service & technical support
We're industry renowned & highly skilled
We’re industry renowned & highly skilled
Reliable, effective in-house engineers
Reliable, effective in-house engineers
5-year installation warranty as standard
5-year installation warranty as standard
Achieve BREEAM credits with our products
Achieve BREEAM credits with our products

SKA Rating

Environmental Assessment & Benchmark Method from Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

RICS logo

The RICS has developed an environmental assessment method, benchmark and standard for commercial fit-outs which can help tenants and landlords assess their refurbishment projects against sustainability good practice measures.

Our Leak Detection and Trace Heating product selection is tailored to your needs so that you can achieve the best possible SKA rating for your commercial property.

Learn more about how we can help you achieve BREEAM and SKA

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