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Speech Dialler Set-up Information

Automated alerts for remote monitoring of Leak Detection System alarms.

The Diamond Controls Speech Dialler links directly with your Leak Detection panel to provide automated SMS and voice call alerts. This means that personnel can immediately be notified of an alarm, irrespective of whether they’re on or off site. Its streamlined and efficient format requires only power, a SIM card, and a 3G signal to operate.

SIM Coverage

As part of your package, you will be provided with an Emergency Services Network (ESN) standard Security SIM card that includes its own 12 month credit plan. 

This means mobile network coverage along all major and minor roads, selected buildings, road tunnels and railway facilities is covered. We are so sure that this SIM will work in any UK location that we offer a full 100% refund if you find a UK mainland location where the Security SIM does not connect to the mobile network.

SIM Credit Renewal

You will need to renew the credit on your SIM card every 12 months to ensure it continues to offer automatic alerts to your nominated contacts.

This credit is available for a small charge from a specialist third party provider. To top-up, you will just need the phone number of your SIM card which should be able to be found on a label placed on your Speech Dialler or via your paperwork. 

Follow this link to renew the credit on your SIM (link takes you to a third party provider).

Speech dialler sim credit

Data package 

The standard 12-month package will cover the following:

> 30 Text Per Month / 30 X 12 = 360 per year

> 10 Minutes Voice Calls Per Month / 120 minutes per year

> 1mb of Data Per Month / 12mb of Data Per year

If you have any queries, please arrange a call with our Technical Support team