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Leak Logic

Automatic Leak Sensing Equipment and Water Shut-Off Valves

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Leak Logic is a range of water leak detection products from Diamond Controls that provide automatic and reliable leak monitoring and prevention solutions for commercial properties. 

Automatic Water Shut-Off Valves

Protect premises from unseen water leaks and reduce water wastage with the Leak Logic 12V DC motorised ball valve. WRAS approved, the actuated valve is connected to a water leak detection system and acts to automatically shut off the water supply in an alarm condition or when power to the area is lost.

As it is fully motorised, the actuated ball valves provide reliable operation and require very little maintenance compared with traditional solenoid valves that need to be regularly manually exercised. Other benefits include the ability to manually override even during power outages, no minimum water pressure requirements to operate effectively, and you do not need a separate power supply local to the value position. 

The Leak Logic WRAS Automated Ball Valve
The Leak Logic WRAS Automated Ball Valve

Valve Control Unit

We supply the Leak Logic DC-VCU valve control unit to connect multiple valves to your leak detection system in your commercial building. The internal back-up battery and charging circuit will ensure that in the event of a power failure, both the leak detection panel and the valves remain operational.

The Valve Control Unit also incorporates relays for each leak detection zone to provide both valve control and BMS integration on a zone by zone basis. Simple LED displays to the front of the panel keep you informed of the status of the power supply and will indicate if the unit is in mains or battery mode.