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Aquilar Leak Detection Products

Aquilar leak detection products

Authorised distributors and installers of Aquilar water, oil and gas leak detection equipment.

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Aquilar is a leading manufacturer and distributor of leak detection products. They supply leak sensing equipment such as water leak alarm panels, water leak sensing cable and liquid leak sensors for commercial buildings. Diamond Controls is an authorised partner installer for Aquilar and its distributed brands including AquiTron and TraceTek.

Water Leak Detection Systems

We supply, install and commission Aquilar water leak detection systems including:

Leak detection zone and master panels such as:

EcoLeak Eco-1 for single zone monitoring of water leaks, ideal for areas such as teapoints and washrooms.
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AquiTron AT-SZA and AT-MZA single or multi-zone leak alarm panels.

TraceTek TTDM-128 that can monitor up to 128 SIM controllers (slave units).

AquiWave Wireless water leak detection system that wirelessly controls valves, beacons and sounders.

Leak detection cable and sensors including:

TraceTek TT1000 water sensing cable 

AquiTron AT-Probe water detection sensor

BREEAM major water leak detection:

AquiTron AT-WFM pulsed water meter that alerts users to high water flow and can be used to prevent major water leaks.

AquiTron Automatic PIR WC water shut off system that isolates the water supply when not in use. 

Aquilar brands

Fuel, Oil and Gas Leak Detection Systems

In addition to water leak alarm systems and sensors, Diamond Controls also supplies a range of oil and gas leak detector products from Aquilar.

Refrigerant Leak Detector

AquiTron AT-G-Alert that’s specifically designed to monitor refrigerant gas escape in heating and cooling systems such as air conditioning. Learn more about BREEAM Pol 1 gas detection credits.

Fuel sensors 

A range of TraceTek fuel, oil and  liquid sensors and cables that can be connected to leak detection alarm panels to detect the presence of leaks and spills.