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DualCom DigiAir Pro 2 – Remote Alarm Monitoring


Automated alerts for remote monitoring of Leak Detection System alarms.

The DualCom DigiAir Pro 2 alarm monitoring console links directly with your Leak Detection panel to provide automated alerts to alarm triggers. Alerts are available via phone call, text message or email to nominated client personnel to enable a swift response to the alarm trigger.

Annual Contract Renewal

When installed by Diamond Controls, the DualCom DigiAir Pro 2 includes a one year monitoring subscription. Clients are responsible for its annual renewal to ensure automatic alert monitoring remains in place. 

To renew your monitoring contract, please refer to the installation date and chip number marked on the front of your DigiAir Pro 2 device and get in touch with us to confirm your renewal. 


System Specification

The monitoring solution utilises a 4G Radio path or a LAN path to signal an alarm from protected premises to an alarm receiving centre (ARC). It also comes with a standby SIM card as a backup to safeguard your system. Both SIMs operate on an independent network from the other for total resilience. DigiAir Pro 2 has its own management tools including CSL Live and the My Base App for instant, remote monitoring.

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