Keep Winter at Bay with Diamond Controls

Our Operations Manager, Paul Davis, shares key factors that consumer, corporate and commercial clients should consider during the cold season.

With our unpredictable British weather, it always pays to be prepared.  The winter season heralds dark nights, woolly hats, chestnuts roasting on an open fire and mugs of hot cocoa.  Unfortunately, it can also herald frozen pipes, icicle-ridden guttering and dangerously icy footpaths.  As an approved service partner for marker-leader Pentair Thermal Management, Diamond Controls specialise in the installation and supply of Raychem Trace Heating systems.  We are on-hand with helpful ways we can help your business avoid these perils, and survive the winter months.

Our Operations Manager, Paul Davis, shares key factors that we should consider during the cold season:

1)     1. Protect your guttering and downpipes

Not only can the melting and refreezing of ice cause damage to roofs and gutters, the standing water can leak through interior walls onto furnishings.  Heavy icicles may also form, which may subsequently fall and cause injury.  Diamond Controls will work with you to find the ideal Raychem self-regulating snow melting system, providing protection and peace of mind for your employees and workplace.

2)     2. Prevent slipping hazards on ramps, steps and footpaths

The gathering of ice and snow on ramps and loading bays can cause frustrating delays to businesses.  On driveways, access ways and steps, it can be an accident waiting to happen with disastrous consequences to an employer’s liabilities.  Protect your employees and business with Diamond Controls – we provide a complete range of Raychem ground-heating solutions to prevent the formation of snow and ice.

3)     3. Protect your pipes from freezing

Frozen pipes can be an expensive problem to rectify.  Sub-zero temperatures can cause exposed pipes to burst, causing considerable damage and business interruption.  Diamond Controls will work with you to prevent this costly issue, with the right Raychem frost protection system.  From water pipes, fire mains, sprinkler systems right through to fuel oil lines, we’ll provide a highly efficient installation of self-regulating heating cables, to prevent the hazard of freezing.

4)     4. Keep warm in your environment

When the weather outside is frightful, you’ll be delighted to know that Diamond Controls have just the solution to provide a comfortable and safe heating solution.  With Raychem’s smart electrical underfloor heating range, you can safely heat your workplace with cost-saving and energy-efficiency in mind.  Maintenance-free and simple to install, we will help you find the right heating solution for any floor covering.

5)     5. Consider a winter ‘health check’ on your existing system

Most trace heating systems require servicing and maintenance on an annual basis to ensure they are operating as intended within the manufacturers' specifications. Deterioration occurs over time and, if left unremedied, can result in power quality reduction, system malfunction and may pose a serious threat to health and safety.

How can we help?

Diamond Controls offer a complete service and maintenance package for domestic, commercial and industrial clients.  We'll let you know when your service is due, attend your site to conduct the servicing of your system and provide a comprehensive report of our teams' findings; identifying faults or hazardous damage and recommended remedial works.

Not sure which frost preventing system is right for your project?  Rest assured, our dedicated team are always on hand to discuss your needs.  We provide UK-wide services that are delivered on time and on budget, with experienced teams based in Greater London and East Anglia.  We will work with you, under your company name, to provide a seamless and high quality service.  Contact us today on 01603 745000 or email sales@diamondcontrols.co.uk.