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Diamond Controls maintenance visits are conducted by our manufacturer approved specialist engineers, experienced in both installation and maintenance of leak detection and trace heating systems. We ensure your system is operating correctly and identify any potential issues which can impact long term functionality.

Leak detection and trace heating systems require regular maintenance to ensure that they are operating correctly. Alongside general wear and tear, there are a number of preventable external factors that can affect system performance over time.

We provide maintenance of TraceTek, AquiTron, AquiNet, Floodline, and Hydrosense leak detection systems, and all trace heating systems. Appointments are arranged to work with your schedule and out of hours visits are available if required.


Fault Finding

Occasionally systems can go into alarm or fault, resulting in considerable inconvenience to building occupants.

We can swiftly dispatch an expert engineer to investigate and determine the cause of any faults and, where possible, remedy the issue while on site.


Condition Surveys

Inherited leak detection and trace heating systems often do not have a full service history and in some cases no information regarding the extent of the sensing or heating circuit.

Our condition surveys provide a complete picture of the system purpose, current functionality and any remedial actions required for optimum performance.



We provide a commissioning service for those who self-install leak detection and trace heating systems. The system is thoroughly checked to ensure that it is functioning correctly by our expert engineers and a commissioning certificate is provided to verify this.

If you would like more information about our services, or to book your visit, please contact us.

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