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Commissioning & Certification

Commissioning checks and certification for Leak Detection Systems and Trace Heating Applications.

Are you installing a new Leak Detection System or Trace Heating? Making modifications through a sub contractor or your own in-house team? Diamond Controls’ commissioning and certification service offer property managers and facilities management personnel peace of mind to ensure your system is fit for purpose and correctly installed for a long-lasting and reliable solution. 

Why do you need a commissioning service? 

> Check installation quality 

Installation may be carried out by an inexperienced crew as part of a construction project and, consequently, have inadequacies that could prevent the system from being fully operational. This may result in a system not triggering a leak alarm putting your premises at unnecessary risk.

> Prevent false alarm 

Incorrectly installed sensors or probes may also trigger false alarms that can cause disruption and end up in facilities teams losing faith in the system. 

> Maintain insurance

It can also have a negative implication on your insurance as a non-certified Leak Detection System may affect premiums and compensation in the event of a claim.

> Certify system and provide reference manuals

New tenants moving into premises are sometimes not provided with any operations and maintenance manuals, or certification as to the Leak Detection control services installed, and so do not have confidence in their installed system.

> Thorough testing

Lastly, it may be viable for in-house electrical crews to install our recommended systems but for reassurance and back-up that the system fully meets its requirements, clients are using our experience to thoroughly check and fully test the system and provide a final sign-off.

Why choose Diamond Controls for commissioning?

> Industry experts with a dedicated in-house team of field based engineers

> ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 accredited with strict processes and reporting procedures in place

> Experienced in all manufacturers’ systems (manufacturer approved for leading brands)

> Certified Pro RAYCHEM installers for extended guarantees when using nVent RAYCHEM materials

> Fully certified commissioning documents

> Servicing & maintenance packages with technical support options and fault-finding visits.

why choose diamond controls for commissioning

The commissioning process

So that your project runs as smoothly as possible, we’ve introduced a simple five-step process for organising the commissioning of your Leak Detection System or Trace Heating.

Need assistance with design, supply of materials or servicing? We’re happy to help.

Get in touch to discuss the project and your timelines.

Step 1

Get in touch to discuss the project and your timelines.
Organise any designs and arrange for materials supply.

Step 2

Organise any designs and arrange for materials supply.
In-house installation with scheduled site visit from our Engineers.

Step 3

In-house installation with scheduled site visit from our Engineers.
Engineer's report. Any rectification work required undertaken.

Step 4

Engineer’s report. Any rectification work required undertaken.
Commissioning certificate and warranties issued.

Step 5

Commissioning certificate and warranties issued.

What’s included in our commissioning service?

Our commissioning service includes a visual check of the entire system, including where sensing cable or probes are installed, and a comprehensive review of all its functionality. This involves testing all functions, ensuring they are wired correctly and react when a leak is identified. Our commissioning engineers match all aspects of the system to the design so that clients are reassured the correct sensing technology is used in all locations it has been specified.

Our commissioning survey for Trace Heating Systems includes testing all installed equipment to manufacturers parameters using high voltage (2500V) insulation resistance testers. We also analyse heat distribution and loss as part of our site visit. As Pro RAYCHEM installers, our certification process will enable you to receive the maximum guarantees for your nVent RAYCHEM products.

Finally, on satisfactory completion of the testing and inspection, the system is ready for sign-off. Our certificate is witnessed by our client and comes with the backing of a full report with our findings and any recommendations.