Trace Heating

We know how important it is to provide a full package. With the design, supply, install and commissioning we can offer a complete solution to meet your needs.



Comfort, convenience, water saving, and bacteria protection – all by-products of using Trace Heating to maintain the temperature of Hot Water distribution pipework. Downtime due to frozen pipework delivering vital water to plant, equipment and people can have a massive impact if left unprotected. Trace heating is used throughout many residential buildings and with the latest products and our expert staff on hand; there is no better time to contact us and explore the possibilities Trace heating can offer.


Historical Property conservation

The united kingdom is home to many listed properties, with millions of vistors each year it is essential these are protected and preserved with as little impact to the buildings asthetics as possible. These propeties require frost protection and hot water maintanance along with Roof & Gutter deicing to prevent damage and enable property managers and owners to protect priceless history and save on substancial repairs. We’ve worked on numerous listed and protected properties throughout the UK because we understand the importance of our work and the negative impact a poorly designed/installed system would have.


Critical Access

Winter brings all manner of weather to our door, from snow, sleet, frost and plummeting temperatures, this can create havoc on ramps, driveways and walkways. Everyone can be affected from emergency vehicles, heavy machinery and the general public, however we have the solution ! Electric snow melting systems can be utilised within vehicle access structures and walkways to prevent the build up of ice and snow, leaving vehicles, machinery and people free from slip hazards. We have succesfully delivered a number of Snow melting systems and offer systems with a simple design, that are maintenance free and do not present any environmental hazards.

For more information about the Raychem systems we install, or to discuss your trace heating project, please contact us.

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