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TTSIM-2 Sensor Interface Module

The TTSIM-2 Sensor Interface Module monitors water, fuel oil, chemical and refrigerant gas leaks along 150m sensor cable. The TTSIM-2 can also communicate to a host monitoring system such as a TraceTek TTDM-128 or directly to a PLC or other host system using standard protocols. 
The low cost of the TTSIM-2 makes it economical to build very robust systems with many small independent sensing cable segments. No field calibration is required.
  • This is an enhanced TT-SIM-1A, with a LCD display to show the leak location in metres or feet
  • Can be connected directly to solenoid valves, pumps and external remote alarm devices
  • Monitors all TraceTek sensing cables and AquiTron™ water, fuel oil and refrigerant gas sensors
  • Digitally displays the location of the leak and switches a relay to provide local voltage-free contact closure
  • Can be networked to a TTDM-128 master panel or connected directly to a BMS, PLC and building controls system
  • Programmable volt free contacts for connection to remote devices
  • Capable of monitoring a combination of:
  • 150 metres of any TraceTek sensing cable
  • 10 zones per SIM
  • 10 detector probes / optical sensors / float switches / immersion sensors
  • Accuracy, pinpoint to +/- 1 metre / 1 zone
  • Zone & Area naming can be added to assist in leak when connected to a TTDM-128 panel
  • LED Status Indicators: power, communications, leak, and service required
  • Available for 24Vac, 12/24Vdc, 120Vac or 230Vac power Digital BMS interface via RS-485 using Modbus RTU, OPTO 22, Metasys and volt free contacts
  • Remote connection to speech and auto diallers