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AT-GU Gas Sensing System

The AT-GU Range is ideal for clients who want a high-tech, cutting-edge, superior gas sensor transmitter that provides continuous measurement with linearised outputs. It is ideal for clients who wish to add gas detection capabilities to their existing control or alarm system.
  • Detects most gases using a variety of sensor technologies: Semiconductor, Electrochemical, Catalytic and Infrared ƒ 
  • Determines continuously the gas level present in an area, room, zone, airspace or airflow ƒ Universal gas detection solution as it interfaces with any controller, BMS or SCADA system through
  • Visual alarm, fault sensor condition indication ƒ 
  • Offers a range of sensor housings for most applications ƒ 
  • Simplified test and calibration procedures ƒ 
  • Reliable, real-time continuous monitoring, no blocked filters, tubes or technical and maintenance problems experienced by air sampling/aspirated systems.