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TTDM - 128 Master Alarm Panel

The TTDM-128 master alarm panel directly monitors water, fuel oil, chemical and refrigerant gas leaks along 1500m of sensor cable. For wider coverage the TTDM-128 can monitor a network of 127 remote modules and sensor cable to create a system circuit of up to 192km. With its networking capability, the TTDM-128 provides tremendous flexibility in terms of system layout options and monitoring capability.

Each sensor circuit detects, locates and tracks leaks independently from any other circuits connected to the TTDM-128. There is no loss of sensitivity and no re-mapping required after an initial leak is detected. A simple map showing where the sensors are installed is the only field calibration requirement.

  • Monitors for water, fuel oil, chemical and refrigerant gas leaks in several different rooms and floors at any one time
  • Locates a leak digitally to within 1 metre anywhere on the system
  • Simultaneously monitors up to 128 SIM controllers (slave units)
  • Can detect more than one leak and multiple leaks
  • Areas and rooms are named to simplify leak locating (regions/tagging)
  • Digital Master Alarm panel
  • Capable of monitoring a combination of:
  • 1500 metres of any TraceTek sensing cable
  • 100 zones
  • 100 detector probes / optical sensors / immersion sensors
  • Up to 127 TT-SIM System Interface Modules can be added to the network giving a maximum system circuit of 192km
  • Accuracy, pinpoint to +/- 1 metre / 1 zone
  • Zone & Area naming can be added to assist in leak location
  • Visual & Audible alarms for, leak, trouble (cable break) and service alarms
  • Wireless communications can be used for linking
  • Can be configured as Master or Slave controllers
  • 1024 event Alarm and Data history can be down loaded and printed
  • BMS interface via Modbus RTU, OPTO 22, RS232/485, 4-20mA and volt free contacts
  • Remote connection; Ethernet, SNMP traps via TT-TIM module
  • Remote connection to speech and auto diallers
  • Battery back-up up to 24Hrs