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AT-OPSEN Detection Sensor

The AT-OPSEN Optical liquid detection sensor has been designed for instant detection of fuel oils and any other none aggressive liquids. The optical sensor can be used with any of the TraceTek and AquiTron™ leak detection panels and is fully compatible with all TT1000, TT3000, TT5000 and TT7000 system components.
The use of the optical sensor allows the monitoring for leaks in areas where sensing cables would be difficult to install, either because of the harsh operating environment in which detection is required, or the practicality of installing lengths of sensor cable in vulnerable areas. The unit operates on an optical prism which is resistant to all fuel oils and many other liquids. Its IP67 enclosure makes the unit liquid tight, easily cleaned and reusable.
  • Instant detection of fuel oils, chemicals and water, suitable for generator, oil storage and day storage tank rooms, plant areas, bunds, drip-trays and floor gullies
  • Uses industry-proven optical sensor technology for accurate detection
  • Use with any of the TraceTek and AquiTron™ alarm panels