So, What is Non-Intrusive Flow Measurement and Why is it So Important?

Diamond Controls explain the importance of Non-Intrusive Liquid Flow Measurement technology from Micronics.

We at Diamond Controls are tremendously proud to be the selected service partner to Micronics for the East Anglia region. Whatever the scope of your requirements, you can be safe in the knowledge you’ll receive a strong working partnership and expert service.

Flow Measurement may not be a prevalent thought to some, but to industries such as farming and water treatment (to name a few), they provide an extremely vital service.  Micronics specialises in the design and manufacture of Transit Time and Doppler ultrasonic, non-invasive liquid flow meters.

A water and sewage treatment plant may experience issues with algae growth, or an arable farm requires a way to monitor the flow of effluent away from a packing site.  Micronics allows a non-intrusive, low-cost solution where the measurement and analysis of fluid flow is essential.  The clamp-on, ultrasonic technology means that there’s no need to interrupt the system progress or cause any downtime. 

Be it water or oil, slurry or caustics, a Micronics solution can be applied for both temporary and long-term business requirements.

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