What kind of Olympians are in the Diamond Controls team?

With the 2016 Olympic Games well under way in Rio, we wanted to find out a little bit more about the Diamond Controls team and what kind of Olympian they would be...

Team GB have a survey on their website to do just that, so read on to learn about the team's athletic abilities!

Andy Rose from Accounts and Martin Barnby, NICEIC Qualifying Manager, would both excel at Badminton from the survey. Iain Ames, Operations Director is an X-Country Biker whereas Kaz Jordan from Accounts would do well at Handball. Lisa Brown, our new Business Development Intern, would be great at Sailing with Paul Davis, Operations Manager, soaring to new heights as a Pole Vaulter. Richard Tait, Installations Manager, is a Javelin thrower and Dressage is HR Manager, Sophie Ames' sport.

If you're intrigued to find out what kind of Olympian you would be, you can visit the Team GB website at: https://www.teamgb.com/sport-profiler to find out and Tweet us at @diamondcontrols  to let us know what you are!