Water is one of our most vital commodities, and also the most destructive. Loss of power supply, network and data disruption, damaged or destroyed files and stock are some of the common outcomes resulting from a seemingly trivial water leak. The cost and time implications of rectifying this damage can be phenomenal.

A Water Leak Detection system, designed and installed to provide the maximum amount of coverage, can minimise or prevent this damage.

The base components of a Water Leak Detection system can be found in our product pages; create your 'wishlist' and we will provide a quotation for the supply and/or installation of the system that will meet most requirements and budgets. Not sure what you need? Contact us directly to discuss your project with our experienced and knowledgeable team.

  • TTDM - 128 Master Alarm Panel

  • TTSIM-2 Sensor Interface Module

  • AT-MZA Multi Zone Alarm Panel

  • TT1000 Water Sensing Cable

  • TT1100-OHP Sensing Cable

  • AT-600A Immersion Sensor

  • AT-PROBE Water Detection Probe