Fixed Systems

Designed to operate in the full range of environments from commercial premises through to heavy industrial applications which may require hazardous area sensing, GDS Fixed Systems monitor toxic and combustible gases as well as depletion/enrichment of oxygen levels.

The gas sensors continuously monitor the environment, reporting any hazardous conditions directly to a control unit, allowing you to identify the gas type, concentration and alarm level. Details can be found in our product pages below or contact us for further information about how a gas detection system can benefit your business.

  • GDS101 Single Point Gas Alarm

  • GDS404 1-4 Channel Gas Alarm

  • GDS2010 Multi Channel Gas Montitor

  • Combi Gas Alarm

  • Combi Lite-Satellite

  • Combi DIN Rail Mount

  • Combi 19 inch Rack

  • Combi Soft

  • Defender Gas Alarm

  • GDS10+ Single Point Gas Sensor

  • GDS203 Gas Alarm

  • Combi Repeater Panel