Fixed Clamp-on Flow Meters

With easy installation and the minimum disruption to process, fixed, clamp-on meters are an excellent flow measurement option, providing continuity and long term reliability. The robust design makes them suitable for use in hostile industrial environments for sustained periods with no loss of function.

Further information about our range of Micronics clamp-on flow meters can be found in our product pages; create your 'wishlist' for a timely and competitive quotation. Want to see the meter in action? Contact us to book a site visit, we will identify the metering solution that meets your needs and provide a demonstration.

  • U1000 Clamp-on Flow Meter

  • U3000-4000 Clamp-on Flow Meter

  • UFDS200 Clamp-on Flow Meter

  • UFD5000 Clamp-on Doppler Flow Meter