Portable Flow Meters

Micronics Portable Flow Meter solutions are ultrasonic, clamp-on and non-invasive; designed for closed pipe and open channel applications.

Portable Flow Meters require minimal installation ensuring that process operations continue uninterrupted and there is no disturbance to existing plant equipment. The user-friendly interface enables you to take Flow measurement readings within minutes of installation; full training is provided.

Further information about our range of Micronics Portable Flow Meters can be found in our product pages; create your wishlist for a timely and competitive quotation. Want to see the meter in action? Contact us to book a site visit, we will identify metering solutions that meet your needs and provide a demonstration.

  • PF440IP Portable Flow Meter

  • PF330 Flow Meter

  • PF220 Flow Meter

  • PF LV550 Portable Flow Meter

  • PFD550 Portable Doppler Flow Meter