Electric Under-floor Heating

With the nights drawing in and a chill in the air it's time to turn the heating on again, but with energy prices high and the need to reduce our carbon footprint we may think twice before touching that thermostat.

Traditional methods of heating can be extremely inefficient resulting in uncomfortable cold spots, increased energy bills and can pose a threat to health and safety. Our underfloor heating systems are installed close to floor surface to provide rapid, even distribution of heat, providing you with a level of comfort heating that is safe, invisible and energy efficient.

Designed to be installed beneath stone, tile, wooden or carpeted surfaces with no risk of overheating, our systems ensure that furniture can be placed safely without compromising space for a bulky raditor. Why wait until the first frost? Select your desired system from our product pages or contact us to discuss how underfloor heating can make your life cosier.

  • T2RED Underfloor Heating Cable

  • T2Quicknet Heating Mat

  • Green Leaf Heating Thermostat