Ramp Heating

Ice-covered ramps, loading bays, stairs and other access ways can cause disruption to operations and pose a serious risk to the health and safety of the people using them. To maintain clear, safe access ways during the winter months a Ramp Heating System is a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Easily installed into concrete, asphalt and other common surfacing materials, Ramp Heating Systems can also be retro-fitted onto existing access ways. The Smart control and monitoring ensure the system is extremely energy efficient and provides the user with detailed operational data.

Our product pages contain further information about the applications and benefits of a Ramp Heating System. Create your 'wishlist' and let our team provide you with a competitive quote for the supply and/or installation and commissioning of your chosen system. Alternatively contact us directly to discuss your project requirements with our experienced team.

  • EM2-XR Heating Cable

  • VIA-DU-20 Multi-Sensor Controller