Temperature Maintenance

With energy costs escalating, increasing pressure on businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and the necessity to provide adequate protection against waterborne bacterium such as Legionella, now is the perfect time to invest in a hot water temperature maintenance system.

Our hot water temperature maintenance systems negate the use of water re-circulation, typical with most water heating/boiler systems, by providing hot water at the optimal temperature permanently 'on-tap'. The high-energy consumption 'heat and re-heat' process used in flow and return systems is removed delivering a significant cost saving.

The installation costs of our Trace Heated systems can be considerably less than the installation costs for traditional water heating systems, allowing for a substantial saving at the very outset of your project.

For more information about the systems we supply and install please take a look at our product pages or contact us to discuss your requirements with our team.

  • RayClic-E End Seal Kit

  • HWAT-ECO Control Unit

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