Frost Protection

Pipes and external water supplies that are thermally insulated are not fully protected from the damage frost and ice can cause. Repairs to burst pipes and clogged fuel lines resulting from freezing conditions can be costly and directly affect operations, but such occurrences are easily prevented with the installation of a Frost Protection System.

Our Frost Protection systems maintain the temperature of pipe contents to prevent frost and ice from forming. Designed with responsible energy usage in mind, the self-regulating cable technology and the innovative temperature controllers ensure that operating the system is both cost and time effective.

With winter always just around the corner why wait until that pipe bursts? Take a look at our product pages and create your 'wish list'; our experienced team will provide a quotation for the supply and/or installation that will meet most requirements and budgets. Not sure what you need? Then contact us directly to discuss your project with our experienced team.

  • JB-82 Modular Junction Box

  • FrostGuard Trace Heat Cable

  • RAYSTAT-Control-10 Thermostat

  • AT-TS-13 Electronic Thermostat

  • RayClic-E End Seal Kit

  • RayClic-X Cross Kit

  • FS-A-2X Heating Cable

  • FS-B-2X Heating Cable

  • FS-C-2X Heating Cable