Chemical and Solvent

Protecting people, assets and the environment is paramount to those who regularly use chemicals in their process. A chemical or hazardous waste leak can devastate lives, irrevocably destroy the environment and have a far-reaching, negative impact on a company’s reputation and finances.

A leak detection system designed specifically for chemicals and strong solvents and installed by our experienced, qualified team will provide the vital early warning and pinpoint the leak location to within one metre, enabling you to react quickly to prevent a catastrophe. Create your 'wishlist' of system components for a competitive quotation or contact us directly.

  • TTSIM-2 Sensor Interface Module

  • AT-MZA Multi Zone Alarm Panel

  • TTDM - 128 Master Alarm Panel

  • TT5001 Solvent Sensing Cable

  • TT3000 Aqueous Sensing Cable

  • TT5001-HUV Sensing Cable

  • TT7000 Strong Acid Sensing Cable